Rap music download: The world’s top 10 best rap songs

Downloading music can be an expensive and frustrating experience, and it’s easy to forget how much time and money it takes to get the right music.That’s why we’ve ranked the best rap music albums of all time, based on how much you spend.The list is broken down by the genres of music that are commonly […]

Spotify will no longer allow you to stream rap music

Spotify is set to shut down the service it used to host in an effort to focus on more music, and is now moving to a new site that will provide a “more personalized experience for our users.”The move, announced Tuesday, comes just weeks after Spotify launched a new streaming service called Beatport.While the service […]

Which Rap Albums Are the Most Music-Fueled?

The most popular rap albums on Spotify are no longer just hip-hop songs.Now, each of them has a song with at least 50 percent of the votes. For those of you unfamiliar with Spotify, here’s a short guide to the service: The service gives artists a place to advertise their music, but doesn’t actually create a […]

How to get the best music streaming deals in the UK

Music streaming is one of the fastest growing forms of consumer spending.This means that it is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives.Whether you are a consumer looking to download music or a music streamer looking to get an ad-free music experience, it is possible to find a wide range of music services in […]