When It Comes To Musica, It’s All About You, You’re The One That’s in Charge

The American conservative website The American Christian Weekly, a publication of the Christian Reconstructionist Christian Fellowship (CRCF), has released a video on YouTube that features a series of testimonials from musicians who have spoken out against a proposed legislation that would have required Christian music to have at least a minimum of 50% Christian elements.The […]

What a Pupil Is Really Like (and Is Worth) in the New ‘Puppy’ World

A new study suggests that children who have more playtime with their dogs are more likely to be socially adept.In the study, children were randomly assigned to play with dogs for at least six hours per day for a total of six weeks.The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Southern California and […]

How to use Psychedelic Trance as a way to deal with depression and other mental health issues?

Download music Psycho, by the American singer/songwriter Miley Cyrus, was the most popular music song on YouTube for nearly three years.The track was also the number one video of the year in 2017.It became the first video to have more than 10 million views and has been played more than 9 million times on YouTube.In […]