How to fix your Mac’s sound quality issue

When you’re playing your music on your Mac, the sound is great.But when you’re streaming it, things get a little muffled and grainy.This is because your Mac is using a hardware DSP to compress audio.That compression technique has been around for a long time and is sometimes referred to as a “compression engine.”The problem is, […]

New York Knicks beat Los Angeles Lakers for second straight win

New York’s win over the Los Angeles Clippers will keep the Knicks in second place in the Eastern Conference and give the Knicks a five-game lead in the race for a playoff spot.The Knicks (27-8) had a pair of wins over the Clippers (18-18), including a 104-92 victory on Saturday night.They’ve won four of five […]

How to Get Rich in Music by DJ Waptrick Music Blog – 2K YouTube

Download music from DJ Waftrick’s music blog: or search for “djwaftrick music” or “djwaaftrick”. Subscribe to the Next Big Futures music podcast to keep up with the latest news and interviews with the artists featured on the show.Read the full article on Next