When the internet shuts down, you can still download some songs from your phone, says the Verge

download source New York Times title Here’s how to use the Google Home as a music controller in 2016 article download title New research shows that the best music apps are also the most useful for your smartphone, as well as the most interesting for the rest of your life.article download article The Verge is […]

When it comes to watching live, you’re not likely to get bored

When it came to watching the latest live TV shows, I always had to wait for the last one to air, since there’s no internet service here in Israel.But now I can get up at dawn to watch an episode of The Jinx, or watch a new episode of Orange Is the New Black without […]

‘I have no idea’ what happened to ‘Mama’ – Mandy Moore

Posted February 06, 2019 18:15:31When Mandy McBride and her family went looking for their mother after her disappearance, they were unable to find her.“It was pretty much like I had a ‘no clue,’” McBride told ABC News.The family had gone looking for McBride after her mother was reported missing to the Bureau of Land Management.“I […]

How a music download and streaming service is saving you money and helping you save time at the mall

Downloading and streaming music can be an expensive and time-consuming process, especially when you’re not sure where to start.One of the more popular streaming services, Spotify, has recently made its services available for Android devices.It’s a great idea, but what can you expect from Spotify on Android?Read on for our full review.Read the full article