‘I Was Just Here to Help’: My Story of Growing Up a Mormon Singer Download

By The Associated PressMormons in Utah have been struggling for years to find a place for their music in a community that’s long felt marginalized.As more and more young people of faith find themselves excluded from mainstream Mormon culture, the Mormon church is struggling to find an identity.And that’s a problem the Mormon music community […]

What is the ‘Music’ category?

Posted October 08, 2018 09:00:57The “Music” category has long been a popular way to find music.That’s because the term encompasses a wide range of genres, from country and soul to jazz and jazz fusion, hip hop, and even a new generation of pop songs.Now, the category has seen a major shift.In the past, many of […]

How to Download Pandora Music from Amazon and Google Play

Download Pandora music from Amazon, Google Play, and other popular online music stores, and it will be free.You can download Pandora music on Amazon, Amazon Music Unlimited, Google Music Unlimited and many other popular music services.It’s not that Pandora Music doesn’t have a wide selection of music, but you’ll only have access to some of […]