When the Blackhawks will be back?

The NHL’s All-Star Game will resume on Sunday after a one-week break, after the Blackhawks defeated the Washington Capitals 4-3 on Saturday night in the Eastern Conference final.The game will be the third-most-watched broadcast in league history and will be played in Chicago. It’s expected the game will go on without Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews, who […]

What’s the difference between the new Kazaa Music and the old Kazaam music?

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Kazaas new music has a slightly different sound to the old ones.It’s called Kazaama, a shortened name for the Japanese term for “music”.Kazaas original music, like its old music, was made with real-time sound.The difference between Kazaames music and the new one is the difference in the audio format.As you might […]

Which Rap Albums Are the Most Music-Fueled?

The most popular rap albums on Spotify are no longer just hip-hop songs.Now, each of them has a song with at least 50 percent of the votes. For those of you unfamiliar with Spotify, here’s a short guide to the service: The service gives artists a place to advertise their music, but doesn’t actually create a […]

Kazaa, the song you’ve been waiting for

Download Kazaas music for free or purchase it to share on your favorite social network.Enjoy the same music in your mobile or desktop browser.Kazaaras is a free online music service that brings your favorite songs from Spotify, Pandora and more to your smartphone.You can also download and stream songs you’ve bought from Kazaaballs.com.You may also […]

How to watch the NBA Finals without using your phone

If you want to watch all three games, you’ll need a phone.You can watch the first three games on your TV using the Roku box or Chromecast.The third game will be streamed on a Roku streaming device, and you’ll also be able to stream to a TV with a Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV.The game […]