How to Get the Best Music in the World

Downloading a music album, buying a copy of a digital music product, or even trying to download it yourself could soon become possible with a new technology that could help millions of people around the world stream and download their favorite music online.Hakuouki, the company behind the streaming music service Osmo, announced a new streaming […]

What is a ‘musician’?

The first thing you notice about the word “musician” is that it is a contraction of “musicians”.In a sentence like this, we can make a lot of assumptions about what this person is talking about: I’m a musician, he’s a musician.I like to listen to music, he likes to listen at music.He’s a musical person, […]

Which songs are most likely to make you cry?

With its stunning music, it’s no wonder so many people in Canada have chosen to listen to the songs of the Dramas of Life.The popular video series, produced by the Toronto-based production company Drams, has been downloaded more than 25 million times, and has been featured in the CBCs ‘Dramas on the Couch’ series.While the […]

Game Music Downloader

Download music for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile games like FIFA and NBA Live, while playing your favorite music app like Spotify or YouTube.This free music-downloader app also works on the desktop, and supports offline streaming and downloading.It supports over 30 million tracks, including thousands of popular tracks from popular artists, including Rihanna, Kanye West, […]

The Latest Music Releases On Amazon: Mankatha and The Future of the Music Industry

Download Music Psycho and Justice Music, both from Amazon, are among the most-liked songs on Amazon’s Music website.The report lists Mankathas songs at number 11 and Justice at number 24.It also says Mankarthas music is the “most popular in Australia, with sales exceeding 1.3 billion copies.”Mankatha and Justice are both available for download on […]