The National Guard Is Not Going to Help You Buy Music: How to Avoid the National Guard’s Buy-To-Run Music Trial

There are two types of national guard, those who are stationed at home and those who can be deployed overseas.The first type, known as the permanent military force, consists of military personnel who are permanently stationed in a place.That includes permanent military forces stationed in California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, South […]

How to avoid phoraj downloading: Get rid of the ads and popups

Posted April 06, 2019 08:14:10The music industry has been the target of a series of ad campaigns, all of which have been flagged as “phoraj” or “phantom music download” by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).The campaign, known as phorai, is designed to trick people into paying for the download of phoraji files.It was designed by […]

How to stream music online with Spotify?

What do you do when you want to stream your favorite songs online?With a little bit of work, you can stream your music from your PC or Mac to any Spotify device, including a Spotify-compatible smartphone.For instance, if you’re playing a song from the Spotify app, you’ll be able to play it via your smartphone […]

When will you hear the sound of the moon?

The sound of a moonrise can be heard in movies and television shows, but it can be a bit hard to pinpoint exactly what it is.As a result, some scientists have been trying to find a solution to the problem.In an effort to help solve the problem, scientists have created a virtual reality version of […]