How to Get the Best Music in the World

Downloading a music album, buying a copy of a digital music product, or even trying to download it yourself could soon become possible with a new technology that could help millions of people around the world stream and download their favorite music online.Hakuouki, the company behind the streaming music service Osmo, announced a new streaming […]

Why Are There So Few Ugly Videos? Here’s Why You Should Care

A new survey has found that most people are not happy with the way their videos are viewed on YouTube.The new report by YouTube Trends found that 56 percent of respondents said they have heard of people uploading videos that have poor reviews, while only 16 percent have seen videos with good reviews.The survey also […]

Indian PM calls for universal basic income in budget

India’s Prime Minister has called for universal guaranteed income to be part of the government’s annual budget.In his Budget speech on Thursday, Mr Modi announced that the government would start with a “single-point basic income” of Rs 500 per month to be provided to all citizens by 2019.The announcement follows the government raising the minimum […]