Spotify taps Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud for new music subscription service

By Mike MearsPublished Mar 01, 2017 07:45:16Today, Spotify, one of the most popular streaming services in the world, will begin offering a subscription service that allows users to subscribe to music through Apple Music.This is a big deal for Spotify, because the music streaming service is known for its music streaming features and Apple Music […]

Why You Should Stop Downloading Podcasts

We can’t afford to pay for streaming services anymore.But why not pay for the convenience of listening to podcasts, podcasts with no ads, and podcasts that are completely free?The answer: Podcasts.The number of people who are now listening to podcasting shows is at an all-time high.And for those who are not, there are still ways […]

The Truth About Marrying Music: A Look at the Biggest, Best and Worst of the Most Popular Download Songs

The truth about marriage music: a look at the biggest, best and worst of the most popular download songs.This is the first in a two-part series, The Truth about Marrying music: A look at The Biggest and Best of the Greatest Download Songs.If you have a favorite download song, share it in the comments section.

How to Download, Listen, and Use Instagram for Free

With all the hype around the social network, some people are starting to wonder if Instagram is worth it. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of apps that you can use to stream and download content from the Instagram platform. We’ve also included links to Instagram-compatible websites, and some are free.If you’ve got any questions, […]

How to Get Paid for Movies Now with Google Play Music

Download taps music on the Google Play music store, download videos on YouTube, and listen to audiobooks on Spotify.It’s a way to get paid for your favorite music, movies, and more with Google’s new Music Music API.The API allows you to buy, download, and stream music and videos from Google Play.There’s a few ways to […]

Khmer music downloads for the week of August 14, 2018

Download Khmer Music Download: Khmer downloads are available for download on the following devices: Android 4.2+ (4.4+ and above), iPhone 5.0+ (5.1+ and higher), and Samsung Galaxy S7 (2016 and higher).Download on Samsung Galaxy devices: 4G or higher (HSPA+/LTE only) and 4G (LTE+/GSM only) with a data plan.Download on Google Play: All devices except Google […]