How to avoid an ‘epic’ moment in the presidential election by playing to your emotions

Download music, calm music and the sound of a bell are some of the tools you can use to help you calm down during a heated presidential debate.“Don’t feel bad if you’re not feeling good,” says Rachel Biermann, a professor of political science at the University of Maryland.“It’s a good way to deal with stress […]

When it comes to watching live, you’re not likely to get bored

When it came to watching the latest live TV shows, I always had to wait for the last one to air, since there’s no internet service here in Israel.But now I can get up at dawn to watch an episode of The Jinx, or watch a new episode of Orange Is the New Black without […]

How to Get Rich in Music by DJ Waptrick Music Blog – 2K YouTube

Download music from DJ Waftrick’s music blog: or search for “djwaftrick music” or “djwaaftrick”. Subscribe to the Next Big Futures music podcast to keep up with the latest news and interviews with the artists featured on the show.Read the full article on Next