How to listen to music on a PC without any plugins

Downloading music on an ordinary PC, without plugins, is as easy as typing a few letters into the volume knob.But the same software can be used to stream audio from any music source on the internet, for example from YouTube to Spotify to Pandora, or to your mobile device.And this is not a problem that […]

Carnival of the Lost: Lost in the Desert

Carnival of Lost in The Desert is a music video by The New Orleans Symphony Orchestra for The New York Philharmonic Orchestra.The video, which features composer J. M. Barrie and orchestra conductor James F. Folland, premiered at the 2012 New Orleans International Festival of Music.The orchestra recorded the score and composed the music.The title track […]

Which music is the most popular on iTunes?

This week on The Hill, we look at the most downloaded music on the iTunes store.We also take a look at what songs are downloaded more frequently and most downloaded from the internet.The top downloads are from the United States, which is the country with the most music downloads per capita.But if you look at […]

Why You Should Stop Downloading Podcasts

We can’t afford to pay for streaming services anymore.But why not pay for the convenience of listening to podcasts, podcasts with no ads, and podcasts that are completely free?The answer: Podcasts.The number of people who are now listening to podcasting shows is at an all-time high.And for those who are not, there are still ways […]