Why You Should Stop Downloading Podcasts

We can’t afford to pay for streaming services anymore.But why not pay for the convenience of listening to podcasts, podcasts with no ads, and podcasts that are completely free?The answer: Podcasts.The number of people who are now listening to podcasting shows is at an all-time high.And for those who are not, there are still ways […]

Indian PM calls for universal basic income in budget

India’s Prime Minister has called for universal guaranteed income to be part of the government’s annual budget.In his Budget speech on Thursday, Mr Modi announced that the government would start with a “single-point basic income” of Rs 500 per month to be provided to all citizens by 2019.The announcement follows the government raising the minimum […]

How to make a soundcloud video using naijas music download

The soundcloud revolution has finally arrived.Music lovers are making their own music, and now they’re turning to a technique that sounds nothing like the typical song creation process.They’re turning their ears to the sound of music, of which there are a lot.Naija, a new streaming music service launched by Indian music artists and publishers, aims […]