Karaoke Karaoke (Hakuouka) [Music] Download

Hakuouke: Karaoke is a music genre that was born out of popular anime/manga series.Hakuokan, the creator of the genre, is known for creating unique songs to play to the music in the show.These songs have been known for their unique sound and can range from catchy tunes to deep and soulful songs.These are the popular […]

How to Make Your Own Coolio Music Downloader and Coolio Spotify playlist generator

Downloader/streamer software is one of the fastest growing apps on the market.It’s a great way to quickly download music to your PC, tablet, phone, or Mac.The Coolio app is one such app that lets you download cool music from the internet.However, it doesn’t have an official Android app yet, so it’s a pain to find […]

How to get the most out of Spotify Premium

Spotify has unveiled its new Premium plan that’s designed to help you avoid paying the company.The new plan is free for Spotify users who have paid $10 a year, and for premium users it costs $20 a year.Spotify will not charge users to listen to music from other services.Spotify has also removed the free unlimited […]