When it comes to music streaming services, cctrox Music has some major competitors

CCTrax Music, one of the more recent streaming services to launch, is not the only one trying to shake up the music industry.Several other companies have launched music services, but CCTrox Music is the only to offer streaming music.The service is designed to make streaming music available to a wider audience than traditional downloads, and […]

What Is This? – A Guide To Music From The ’90s (And Other Movies From That Era)

New music downloaders may have gotten used to paying $1.99 to listen to songs on CD and Blu-ray, but they might not have noticed a big difference in their music consumption habits until recently.The music industry is in the midst of a major resurgence.In fact, the number of music downloads on digital platforms jumped from […]

How to listen to cctrex, Amazon Music, Apple Music and more online using Amazon Music subscription

The new Amazon Music app has a bunch of new features that might be useful for you, and I’ve got a lot of thoughts about them below.First, you can listen to any audio from your Amazon Music library, even if you don’t have an Amazon Music account.You can also search for any of your Amazon […]

Why you should buy Epicenter: Epidemic update [Epicenter]

Epicenter is the latest in a long line of companies offering software for medical applications.This time, however, Epicenter says its software is not a game changer and instead aims to help doctors, nurses, and other health care workers.“We are not changing the game, we are changing the way the medical profession operates,” Epicenter CEO Mark […]