A post-debut bts album is the best thing to happen to music this week

BTS’s album release party is going to happen this Friday.The group is set to release a brand-new track, titled “BTS,” which has been leaked to YouTube and SoundCloud.The track, which was recently uploaded, features the members of the group playing acoustic guitar, drumming, and singing in unison, and features vocals from the group’s singer, Minhyung.The […]

How to make a song with a guitar and an accordion in the same piece of music

As musicianship evolves, so does our ability to play together.And now, we can get the same guitar and accordion sounds from one piece of song into a new one, too.That’s what happens in a new collaboration between a composer and a string player.Composer Michael Rosenblum’s collaboration with stringist Chris Zwilling, whose new book, Guitar: The […]