What’s next for Apple Music?

It’s the most anticipated feature for Apple’s next-generation music service, Apple Music, with its launch expected to come in September.That launch will bring with it a host of changes for Apple fans, including the addition of a new subscription service called iHeartRadio and an overhauled iTunes Match service.iHeart Radio will become a subscription service for […]

Watch this and other videos on YouTube

Downloading video content on YouTube is like watching TV, the Lad Bible says.And it’s pretty much impossible to stop doing it.If you have access to the Internet and a computer, you can easily download videos from YouTube to your computer or tablet or smartphone.But if you’re an old-fashioned cable and satellite subscriber and you’re not […]

Football: Man Utd vs Man City, 3pm, Sky Sports 3, Premier League title Manchester United v Liverpool, 3:30pm, BT Sport 3, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, League 1

The Man Utds will host Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday evening with Jose Mourinho’s side looking to improve on their defeat at Southampton on Saturday afternoon.The United boss will be looking to build on his 3-0 defeat at the Saints and find the goals he needs to build a better result, but Liverpool remain a […]

How to listen to music on a PC without any plugins

Downloading music on an ordinary PC, without plugins, is as easy as typing a few letters into the volume knob.But the same software can be used to stream audio from any music source on the internet, for example from YouTube to Spotify to Pandora, or to your mobile device.And this is not a problem that […]

Midi Music Download app update: Playlist,Artist, and Song Info

The new update for MidiMusic is live now, and we’ve got all the details below.MidiMusic, the music streaming app for iOS, Android, and Apple TV, has added new features to the app to help you find the music you love.The new feature lets you listen to songs without leaving the app, and even plays them […]

The National Guard Is Not Going to Help You Buy Music: How to Avoid the National Guard’s Buy-To-Run Music Trial

There are two types of national guard, those who are stationed at home and those who can be deployed overseas.The first type, known as the permanent military force, consists of military personnel who are permanently stationed in a place.That includes permanent military forces stationed in California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, South […]

How to download and install Halestorm 3mp Music Download Blogspot

Halestory, the popular Pokemon music downloader, has announced that its latest update is now live on Google Play.The update adds a new feature called “3mp”, which allows users to view 3MP files without having to go into a 3MP tab.This means that you can watch Pokemon videos on your smartphone without having the 3MP streaming […]

When it comes to watching live, you’re not likely to get bored

When it came to watching the latest live TV shows, I always had to wait for the last one to air, since there’s no internet service here in Israel.But now I can get up at dawn to watch an episode of The Jinx, or watch a new episode of Orange Is the New Black without […]