The End.

The End… of the Lines.

The end of the line.

The moment.

This was the moment when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

And he was going to be our next President.

The President would be a total fraud.

He would destroy our democracy.

He was going for it.

He had been on the ballot for the past eight years.

And then on Election Day, Trump would be the President.

Trump would put our country in a state of utter chaos.

He wanted to be the greatest President ever.

And we knew it.

Trump wanted to make America great again.

He really did.

And so, he would take office.

He told the country, “You want me to make the country great again?

I’m your President.”

And he said he would.

And it wasn’t even close.

He wouldn’t be able to do it.

But we would be proud to be his president.

We were going to make this country great.

He didn’t care about our country.

He wasn’t a patriot.

He hated America.

He couldn’t believe that we had the people in this country who would stand up and fight for him, and that he could have his country back.

And that was the start of what would become a lifetime of our country’s destruction.

But it was the beginning of a new era.

And in the midst of all that chaos, Trump, and his supporters, would start talking about how wonderful they were.

They would talk about how they had so many great things going for them.

We had a tremendous, great country, they said.

Our jobs were back, they’d say.

Our wages were rising, they would say.

The economy was booming.

Our houses were beautiful, they were saying.

The world was a much better place.

Our borders were secure.

The American people were thriving.

We could finally go home.

And they’d tell us that we were the greatest nation on Earth.

Trump’s supporters were the biggest winners in this era.

Trump supporters became millionaires and billionaires.

Trump was President of all of us.

Trump and his followers became the greatest political dynasty in the history of the world.

We are the greatest country in the world because of Trump and those who supported him.

And as the American people began to see their country’s future unravel, the people of this great country began to believe the very worst of the President of America.

And the moment we see a President that doesn’t represent us, and doesn’t care as much about us, it’s going to start to look a lot different for a lot of Americans.

They will start to believe that he’s not representing us.

And for a period of time, that’s going the wrong way for a majority of Americans, too.

For a period, the President has been accused of not only disrespecting them, but also of being unpatriotic.

It has been said that if the President doesn’t like you, he’s going after you.

And there are people in America that will say he’s unpatronous and un-American.

But what they don’t understand is that it’s not that he doesn’t respect them, it just doesn’t matter.

It’s just that he does it with little regard.

And when he does disrespect you, it hurts a lot more.

And what it will mean for a President who is a big star and an icon, will be for a few days, maybe a week, it will hurt even more.

But the damage will be done.

It will be permanent.

For the rest of the presidency, there will be a President Trump.

There will be little Trump.

He won’t speak much.

He’ll look out of place in the White House.

And people will see a lot less of him.

But he will continue to be a huge factor in American politics for the rest