The Pirate Bay is known for hosting large amounts of pirated music files, but there’s a new alternative offering music download links without copyright holders’ permission.

The site has announced a new service that is free of copyright, but it does require a payment plan.

According to the site, its “Music Download” service allows users to download songs from the site for $1.99.

Once downloaded, users will be prompted to set up a payment method, and then they can either choose to download their music for free, or pay a subscription fee.

Once the user completes the payment, they’ll be sent an email, with a link to an official music download page that allows users a direct download link for free.

The music download link can be used to access other sites, including the Pirate Bay’s own website, which allows users the ability to stream the music in multiple formats and languages.

TorrentFreak is not impressed.

“This is a step backwards from the original Pirate Bay,” the website wrote in a post on Monday.

“The Pirate Bay has been a free service since 2012, but this move is yet another attempt to monetize its content, and its members will not be happy about this.”

TorrentFreek also called out a similar option offered by another pirate torrent site, The Pirate Party.

The Pirate party’s Music Download service requires a $1 payment fee, but that’s only the start of the problem.

The website also notes that the Pirate Party also requires the use of a proxy service to access its torrent files, so that users can access files without being tracked by copyright holders.

The Pirate Party was recently kicked off of the MPAA’s blacklist for its illegal use of torrents.

The MPAA is known to have been active in the piracy world, with its own website being one of the most popular torrent sites.