Download music, calm music and the sound of a bell are some of the tools you can use to help you calm down during a heated presidential debate.

“Don’t feel bad if you’re not feeling good,” says Rachel Biermann, a professor of political science at the University of Maryland.

“It’s a good way to deal with stress and get through the week.”

Here are some tools to help ease the nerves.1.

Try to relax2.

Get outside3.

Play calming music to calm yourself down4.

Relax your muscles5.

Play relaxing music to relax your muscles6.

Take a walk7.

Play soothing music to take a break8.

Go for a walk9.

Go to the movies10.

Go outside11.

Play music to get a relaxing vibe12.

Take in a movie13.

Take the elevator14.

Take your children for a spin15.

Go swimming16.

Take breaks17.

Sit down18.

Go on a meditation retreat19.

Go through a self-help book20.

Go out to dinner21.

Go running22.

Go walking or biking23.

Play a musical instrument24.

Do something creative25.

Watch a movie on YouTube26.

Go shopping27.

Take an art class28.

Go grocery shopping29.

Take part in a social activity30.

Get some exercise31.

Relax on the couch32.

Take up exercise with a yoga class33.

Relax with a massage34.

Go jogging35.

Take yoga walks36.

Go a walk37.

Play some music38.

Go bowling39.

Go hiking40.

Take some yoga classes41.

Go fishing42.

Go camping43.

Go riding with your dogs44.

Play an art show45.

Play chess46.

Play card games47.

Go skiing48.

Go surfing49.

Go bicycling50.

Go mountain biking51.

Go yoga on your own52.

Go dancing with your friends53.

Go ice skating54.

Go rock climbing55.

Go climbing out on your snowboard56.

Take on a new challenge57.

Go skateboarding58.

Go sailing59.

Go kiteboarding60.

Go snowboarding61.

Go golfing62.

Go bike riding63.

Go fly fishing64.

Take skiing lessons65.

Take swimming lessons66.

Go biking lessons67.

Go kayaking68.

Go backpacking69.

Go cross country skiing70.

Take golfing lessons71.

Take biking lessons72.

Take surfing lessons73.

Take hiking lessons74.

Take snowboarding lessons75.

Take kite surfing76.

Take sailing lessons77.

Take mountain biking78.

Go boat riding79.

Go bird watching80.

Go ski jumping81.

Go skating at the beach82.

Take backpacking lessons83.

Go archery lessons84.

Take ski jumping85.

Take bird watching86.

Go skydiving87.

Go bicycle riding88.

Go horseback riding89.

Go mountaineering90.

Take bike riding 91.

Go water skiing92.

Take water skiing 93.

Take kayaking94.

Go tobogganing95.

Take archery classes96.

Go canoeing97.

Take mountaineer class98.

Go cycling lessons99.

Go diving lessons100.

Go jumping out of a window101.

Go hunting 102.

Take hunting trips103.

Go deer hunting104.

Take shooting lessons105.

Take dog walking106.

Go paragliding107.

Take long distance hiking108.

Go long distance hike109.

Go shooting lessons110.

Go bushcrafting 111.

Take fishing lessons112.

Go trekking lessons113.

Go bungee jumping114.

Take diving lessons115.

Take scuba diving lessons116.

Take rock climbing117.

Take snorkeling diving118.

Go scuba jumping119.

Go bbq cooking120.

Go firework cooking121.

Go BBQ cooking122.

Go wine tasting123.

Go barbecuing124.

Go pie making125.

Go chicken pie making126.

Go ham and cheese making127.

Go turkey and ham pie making128.

Go steak pie making129.

Go sausage pie making130.

Go baked goods130.

Take fish and chips131.

Go pasta and meat cooking132.

Go roast chicken133.

Go roasted turkey and pork 132.

Take roasted turkey meat and pork 133.

Go grilled beef and veg and veggie chicken 134.

Go pulled pork 135.

Take pulled pork and pork 135 to 145.

Take ham and sausage 136.

Go beef and beef veg 137.

Go pork and lamb veg 138.

Take chicken and duck veg 139.

Go veggie burgers and vegg 140.

Go vegan burgers and eggs 141.

Go burger and cheese sandwiches 142.

Go Italian pasta and dessert 143.

Go pizzas 144.

Go pizza 145.

Go salad and pasta salads 146.

Take pizza 147.

Take salad and meat salads 148.

Take cheese sandwiches 149.

Take pizzas 150.

Take cheeseburger and pizza 150 to 175.

Take grilled