I have never seen the prices of the iPod and the iPad so close to each other.

If you look at the iPod, it has about $30-ish for it.

The iPad, by comparison, has around $20-$30.

So if you buy a $600 iPad, that is $100 off.

You could argue that Apple has made some good decisions to cut costs.

But it does seem to be hurting the industry.

A lot of these iPods and iPads are not in the best shape.

And they are not doing that because of the government.

They are doing it because of consumers.

They don’t like having their information out there.

They are not making it available to the public.

They’re doing it to their own advantage.

And the consumers are saying, “If you have the power to control the pricing, you can have that power.”

So they are making the prices so much higher than other products, and they are taking advantage of the consumers.

So it is a very difficult time for the industry, which has been struggling to grow in recent years.

What do you think about the iPad, and do you believe that Apple should be allowed to continue to make more iPods?