Downloading a music album, buying a copy of a digital music product, or even trying to download it yourself could soon become possible with a new technology that could help millions of people around the world stream and download their favorite music online.

Hakuouki, the company behind the streaming music service Osmo, announced a new streaming music subscription service today.

It will be available on all major streaming services in Japan from December 5, the same day it launches in the United States and Europe.

The streaming service, known as Osmosu, will also offer an online store for buying digital music.

That will help streammusic companies like Pandora and Spotify earn money on the sale of their music.

Hokuouki CEO Tomoaki Kawamura said streaming music has been a “huge success story for our company.”

“For the first time, it has been possible for millions of Japanese people to enjoy the music they love, which is a great sign that music streaming is here to stay,” Kawamura wrote on the company’s blog.

He added that the new service is designed to be “fantastic for music lovers around the globe.”

It’s important for us to emphasize that this is not just a Japanese-only service.

We plan to make streaming in the US and Europe available in the future, too.

We also intend to open our OsmoSu store in the rest of the world.

The new service will be free, Kawamura told Reuters in an interview.

Hokusai also said it will offer music on demand through a variety of sources, including Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

The service will not be exclusive to the Japanese platform.

Hukou, another Japanese streaming music company, is also planning to offer a streaming music product.

The company said in a blog post that it is in talks with Hulu to launch a streaming service in the U.S.

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said on Tuesday that Hulu would offer streaming music to customers on both platforms.

The streaming service would allow customers to access Hulu’s catalog of more than 1.5 billion tracks from all around the web, Hopkins wrote.

Hulk Entertainment, another streaming music platform, is launching a service in early 2018 that will offer more than 2 billion tracks, with more than 30 million songs available.

Hulu will also be adding more streaming music options in the coming months.

Hookz, another company that makes streaming music, is planning to launch its service in 2018.

The music service will let customers stream their favorite songs on a wide variety of platforms.

Hazarus, a streaming media company, also plans to launch streaming music in 2018, and its service will have an exclusive deal with Hulu.

Hazarus will be the only streaming music provider that Hulu will not let Hulu use to add streaming music services to its catalog.

Hipster, a music streaming service with a deal with Spotify, plans to add more streaming content in the years to come.

It plans to release streaming music on a variety, though not all, of the music streaming platforms.