By Jennifer GaudettePublished Feb 11, 2019 08:19:49The Apple Music app is no more.

The streaming service, which was launched on iOS in January, is now the official home for Apple’s music service.

The app, which launched in February and had a free trial for iPhone users, had been available in the iTunes App Store and in the Apple Music store, respectively.

The announcement is a bit of a surprise for some users who were hoping that Apple would release the app in a way that would allow them to stream their music from their Apple Music account to their Apple TV.

The music service was available in some markets, including in Canada and the U.K., but it wasn’t officially supported in those markets.

Apple Music, which debuted in February, allowed Apple to stream music from its iTunes Store and its Apple Music subscription service directly from its iOS devices, bypassing any need to use the service’s Apple Music service to do so.

Apple launched its Apple TV service in October, allowing subscribers to stream live radio shows, movies and music from Apple TV to Apple TV, as well as iTunes.

Apple has also expanded Apple Music to include music from other services, including Spotify, Rdio and iHeartRadio.