Free music download services without copyright laws

The Pirate Bay is known for hosting large amounts of pirated music files, but there’s a new alternative offering music download links without copyright holders’ permission.The site has announced a new service that is free of copyright, but it does require a payment plan.According to the site, its “Music Download” service allows users to download […]

Why you should download and stream music when you’re on a train

How to download and view music on your phone without having to download it.Download music.In the video above, you can hear a sample of a song, which you can then download and play back.It’s a bit of a weird trick to try out, but if you’re a fan of the music industry, you’ll probably love […]

MLB: What do you think of this season’s MLB team?

The MLB season officially began on Friday and the most anticipated thing on everyone’s minds is who will make the opening day roster.For fans, there is a lot to look forward to.For the players, it will be an even bigger challenge to find a place in the starting lineup.For teams, there are more important matters […]

When the internet shuts down, you can still download some songs from your phone, says the Verge

download source New York Times title Here’s how to use the Google Home as a music controller in 2016 article download title New research shows that the best music apps are also the most useful for your smartphone, as well as the most interesting for the rest of your life.article download article The Verge is […]

How to avoid an ‘epic’ moment in the presidential election by playing to your emotions

Download music, calm music and the sound of a bell are some of the tools you can use to help you calm down during a heated presidential debate.“Don’t feel bad if you’re not feeling good,” says Rachel Biermann, a professor of political science at the University of Maryland.“It’s a good way to deal with stress […]

What’s next for Apple Music?

It’s the most anticipated feature for Apple’s next-generation music service, Apple Music, with its launch expected to come in September.That launch will bring with it a host of changes for Apple fans, including the addition of a new subscription service called iHeartRadio and an overhauled iTunes Match service.iHeart Radio will become a subscription service for […]

When a Bitcoin can’t be bought, it is used for other things

title Bitcoin is now used to buy drugs, sex, food and even booze article title Crypto coins are becoming increasingly popular article title Here’s a guide to how to buy cryptocurrency with your fiat currency article title Cryptocurrencies, which are digital currencies that operate independently of any central authority, have been gaining popularity.However, they do […]

How to Play PS3 Music: Musically Complete Guide

Now Playing: Spotify offers to remove ‘offensive’ lyrics from songs, but music industry fears go uncheckedNow Playing: Watch the first ‘Super Mario Run’ trailerNow Playing:”This is not a game to be played by the faint of heart” – YouTube’s ‘best’ and ‘worst’ playlistNow Playing”The PlayStation 4 has finally arrived, but it has a few quirks […]