With its stunning music, it’s no wonder so many people in Canada have chosen to listen to the songs of the Dramas of Life.

The popular video series, produced by the Toronto-based production company Drams, has been downloaded more than 25 million times, and has been featured in the CBCs ‘Dramas on the Couch’ series.

While the series has been watched more than a billion times, it has also inspired a number of other creative, humorous and moving videos.

One of the most recent videos features the Canadian team of musicians, who play instruments and sing along to the lyrics of the popular song ‘Rough Night’ by Muddy Waters.

The team play the song with an accompanying audio clip, and have taken a cue from the Canadian band to perform their own version.

In the meantime, Drams is looking to the future, with a new series called ‘Dreams’ which will debut in 2018.

The series will be an anthology of some of the best Canadian artists.

It will include some of their most famous songs and tracks, along with the new music videos that are being created to celebrate them.

For now, the company is focused on bringing the series to the masses, and hopes to see it as a catalyst for a greater awareness about the plight of Canadians who are struggling with poverty.

Drams’ co-founder, Adam Dukes, said the series is about exploring and celebrating Canadian music.

“We are doing a series of songs that are going to be from people who live in Canada and they are really trying to get across the concept of the stories that we are telling and what they are going through,” Dukes said.

“The whole concept is that this is not a matter of just going into a country and playing a song or a song by someone else, but that you should also be able to listen and feel something that is just like a song.”

The series, which will also be available on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube, will debut on CBC in January.

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