The new update for MidiMusic is live now, and we’ve got all the details below.

MidiMusic, the music streaming app for iOS, Android, and Apple TV, has added new features to the app to help you find the music you love.

The new feature lets you listen to songs without leaving the app, and even plays them back if you’re offline.

The app is also getting a host of new options, including the ability to listen to a specific artist’s song directly from the playlist, which lets you play tracks without the need to search.

You can also browse your library of songs by artist, song title, or genre.

This will show you songs from artists like Adele, Radiohead, and Drake, as well as tracks from albums from artists including Radiohead and Bon Jovi.

You can also search by track title, artist, or album name.

The new feature is available for both iOS and Android users, and it works with iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

The latest version of the app also lets you stream music directly from a USB flash drive or iTunes.