Halestory, the popular Pokemon music downloader, has announced that its latest update is now live on Google Play.

The update adds a new feature called “3mp”, which allows users to view 3MP files without having to go into a 3MP tab.

This means that you can watch Pokemon videos on your smartphone without having the 3MP streaming icon on your device, as well as watch the Pokemon music videos on other devices that also have 3MP players. 

3mp allows users who have the Google Play Music Pass to watch Pokemon video files on their Android phones, which is a neat feature for anyone who doesn’t want to download all of the music from a dedicated app or have to go through all of that manually.

The update also allows users with the Google Drive service to download Pokemon music and other files, which should be a welcome feature for people who like to store music for offline listening. 

The new feature is available for download from Google Play for both Android and iOS devices.

For more information on the new update, check out the official blog post.