When it came to watching the latest live TV shows, I always had to wait for the last one to air, since there’s no internet service here in Israel.

But now I can get up at dawn to watch an episode of The Jinx, or watch a new episode of Orange Is the New Black without a single hitch.

I have to wait, I think, for a new season of House of Cards, which airs on Netflix in the US.

So why are we watching shows like The Jinz instead of a movie, Netflix said on Wednesday.

Netflix, which has partnered with local and foreign media outlets to broadcast content in Israeli and Arab countries, said it will launch the service for Israelis and Arab viewers in the coming months.

“We know the Israeli and the Arab population is growing rapidly and the potential for them to be connected to content they want to watch online is growing,” a Netflix spokesperson said.

“We are also excited about the growing number of users who are interested in accessing content from Israel and Arab audiences online.”

It is a great opportunity for us to offer the world a global, affordable, and fast-paced experience for its citizens.

This service is available to Israeli and Arabic audiences, and we expect to see a lot of content and programming on the service in the future.

“The Jinx and House of Card, Netflix’s first shows to launch in Israel, are based on books by Israeli novelist Ta-Nehisi Coates and American author Cornel West.

The show has attracted critical acclaim.

Coates’ novel about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 and the HBO series “The Jinz” was released in the United States in November.

The Jinks was also nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Television Series in 2019.