The American conservative website The American Christian Weekly, a publication of the Christian Reconstructionist Christian Fellowship (CRCF), has released a video on YouTube that features a series of testimonials from musicians who have spoken out against a proposed legislation that would have required Christian music to have at least a minimum of 50% Christian elements.

The video begins with a video of the American Christian singer-songwriter, Grammy winner and Grammy-nominated artist, Christian singer and songwriter, and Grammy winner, James Brown.

Brown, a Grammy-winning songwriter and song performer, spoke out against the proposed legislation saying, “This is not the Christian music that we were born with and that we’re supposed to make.

This is not how music was made by our parents.”

Brown has been outspoken against the bill, claiming that it would be a “slap in the face” to Christians who love their music and have loved their church.

The video then cuts to a music video by Christian singer, songwriter/songwriter/musician, and award-winning singer-actress, Kelli Mellow.

Mellow, who has a long-standing relationship with the American Conservative, says, “I think that this bill would make the music industry feel like it’s out of control.

It would make our faith community feel like we’re out of touch.”

Mellow then goes on to claim that it’s time to make Christian music the way it should be made, stating, “It’s our music that’s the center of the world.

We’re the ones that get to say, ‘Who do I listen to?’ and who is the best Christian singer in the world, not somebody who’s a Christian singer.”

Mellow then concludes by saying that she will not be silenced, adding, “If we continue to say that the music we listen to is bad music, then you’re going to hear more of this kind of talk and you’re not going to stop.

It’s not going away.”

The video ends with Mellow, Brown, and Mellow’s Christian-themed music video, which includes a disclaimer saying that the video is for educational purposes only.

The American Conservative has received numerous complaints from Christians who are concerned that Christian music would be restricted, and it’s not uncommon for Christian music videos to feature musicians who are anti-gay and anti-choice, anti-transgender, and antiabortion.

One of the videos featured by The American Conservatives is titled, “Christian Music: Why It’s Not OK To Make Christian Music That’s Gay.”

The American conservative group has also released an online petition that calls for legislation to be introduced that would require Christian music and artists to include a disclaimer stating that it is “not intended to endorse or promote any particular sexual orientation or gender identity,” and that the “sole purpose of the music is to express an emotional experience of the songs lyrics and emotions.”