BTS’s album release party is going to happen this Friday.

The group is set to release a brand-new track, titled “BTS,” which has been leaked to YouTube and SoundCloud.

The track, which was recently uploaded, features the members of the group playing acoustic guitar, drumming, and singing in unison, and features vocals from the group’s singer, Minhyung.

The song, which will be available for free download on the BTS Music Store, features a new song from the band, “Him” (originally titled “Ima Love You”), as well as new songs from the rest of the Bts members.

The title of the song, “B-Train,” also comes from the song “Bits,” which was released on the groups new album “The Best.


The song is about how BTS has learned from the mistakes they’ve made, and the songs “I’m Gonna Leave You” and “Good Luck” are the first of two new songs.

Listen to the track “Bts B-Train” below.

The BTS album will be released on November 29.

You can check out “Bets B-train” below, and stay up to date on the latest news, rumors, and reviews.

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