In a nutshell, Apple is launching a streaming service for music that has the potential to be the best music streaming service out there.

Apple’s music streaming product is a big deal in the music industry, especially with the launch of Apple Music last year.

Apple Music is the first major streaming service to offer both streaming and download services, and it’s also the first to offer a single pay-per-view service that allows users to listen to a variety of genres, from pop to classical to dance music.

Apple has said that it wants Apple Music to be able to compete with streaming services like Spotify and Tidal, and that the service will have an “open” streaming model, which means that it will allow artists and labels to listen in the same way as anyone else on the web.

Apple is hoping that Apple Music will offer the same level of flexibility as Spotify and also the same kind of personalized recommendations, so that artists can listen to the same artists and albums in the exact same way that people listen to music on Spotify.

Apple also wants Apple to make it easy for people to buy and stream music through its streaming service.

Apple isn’t yet saying exactly what the service looks like, but the service is likely to offer similar features to Spotify.

The service will also be available on Apple TV, Apple’s streaming box for the Apple TV set-top box, and Apple TV devices.

Apple says that it plans to release the service in the third quarter of 2020.

We’ve been following Apple Music since it first debuted on Apple Music in April, and the company’s music app has been downloaded over 4.4 million times since the service’s launch.

Apple announced the service with a teaser video in March that was later taken down after backlash, but a new version of the teaser video was released online earlier this month.

Apple said that Apple TV users will be able stream music from the new service by default on Apple TVs from the start.

Apple TV’s streaming service is already available on several other platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV Stick, and Amazon Fire Tablets.