A new study has found that, on average, Australians have been downloading about half the music that’s legally available.

Key points:The study says a large number of Australians are illegally downloading music illegallyThe study also found that most people had access to music at some point but had not paid for itWhen they do, the study found that people were downloading the music illegally because it was cheaper than paying for it, and because they could not afford itThe study is the first to look at the legality of music downloading in Australia.

It found that the majority of Australians had been illegally downloading the song ‘The Night That Changed My Life’ in the last year, and a significant proportion had been doing so for at least a year.

In the US, the song is known as ‘The Lonely Island’, and was released by the group ‘The Naked and Famous’.

In Australia, however, the title has changed from ‘The Lost Art Of The Rap Game’ to ‘The Truth About Music’.

The report also found the majority had been downloading the same song for at the same time, or the same date, and that a large majority had not yet paid for the song.

It’s not the first time Australia has come under fire for its illegal downloading.

In October, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard lost her leadership when it was revealed she was illegally downloading copyright-protected music from the iTunes Store.

She was caught when her music, including some of her most popular songs, were downloaded on to her iPhone and downloaded into her own account.

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