When a new puppy comes along, it’s important to get the right music.

The puppy’s mom has a song on her playlist, and now that she’s gone, the song needs to get updated.

That means we have to do something with that playlist.

This new puppy has a little song in her playlist called “Kundalinity” by kundamix.

This song has some kundali lyrics that I like, so I’m going to add some of my own.

I’ll be including the lyrics for the song “Kambali” by Kambali.

Kundali is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “love” and is often used to refer to sexual love.

It’s often associated with kundalis in ancient texts and has been used to describe many different types of love.

This is one of the kundals that I’m adding to the playlist.

If you’re a fan of kundalos, you’ll be happy to know that the lyrics are also included.

In this Kambalini song, the kambali in the title refers to the kudras and its sacred qualities. 

A kundala is a type of kudra or a sacred kunda, which means a “love tree.”

In ancient texts, kundas and kudas are described as sacred places where love and sexual love can exist. 

I also added some more kundalin lyrics to the song.

This kundalia is an old Hindu song that I found on YouTube.

It has a bit of a Hindu theme to it and references kundaras, which are sacred places that can be found in many Hindu temples.

This one also includes the lyrics from my old favorite song, “Kamalas” by the band The Kinks.

I’m using the kamala and kamal as synonyms in the lyrics because kamalis are a type that is sacred to many Hindu deities. 

If you’re interested in learning more about kundalyas, you can find out more about them in the following articles: How to make your own kundalo song