A new survey has found that most people are not happy with the way their videos are viewed on YouTube.

The new report by YouTube Trends found that 56 percent of respondents said they have heard of people uploading videos that have poor reviews, while only 16 percent have seen videos with good reviews.

The survey also found that 70 percent of those surveyed said that they were annoyed by videos that they do not like.

The same survey found that 76 percent of the respondents who were dissatisfied with the videos they saw did not report it to YouTube Trends, according to the report.

This comes as Google and YouTube are under increasing pressure from a number of different groups.

YouTube recently announced that it was shutting down a section of its website due to copyright concerns.

Google has been under increased scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission over the past few years.

It has recently been sued over its anti-piracy efforts.

In 2015, it was fined $350 million by the FTC after it failed to take down several videos that were believed to infringe on the copyright of an artist.

The company has been accused of violating copyright law in the past.

In October 2015, the Federal District Court in Brooklyn ruled that YouTube could be held liable for “illegal acts” that were performed by third parties, but the court declined to extend the case to include YouTube as a defendant.

The FTC’s case against YouTube has been ongoing for nearly two years, and the company has also faced backlash over how it handles copyright takedowns.

In June of this year, the agency sued Google over alleged copyright infringement, and in March of this season, the company admitted that it had failed to adequately investigate takedown requests made by YouTube and its competitors.