If you’re looking for a music player to download music to your Android Wear smartwatch, you might want to start with the Music Player app. 

The app is free and you can sign up for free. 

If you don’t want to pay a premium, you can download music from the Google Play Music store, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, or other sources. 

Downloading from Google Play or iTunes will download the file to your watch. 

It will also give you a list of songs to play. 

Once you have downloaded the music, tap the “Play” button to start playing it. 

There are three buttons to use. 

Press the play button to play the music file. 

When the music starts playing, tap to stop. 

Tap the stop button to stop playing the music. 

You can use the music buttons to change the song title, artist, or even pause the music at any time. 

This is especially useful if you have multiple songs playing at the same time.

You can also mute the music using the play/pause/unmute buttons.

You also get the option to mute a song. 

Unmute a song by holding the play or pause/unlock button for a few seconds and then pressing mute. 

Muting will mute all the songs. 

In addition to the music you can also control the volume of the music by tapping the volume button.

You will get a list and/or album name of the songs you can play with the music player. 

Here is a list you can look up: 1.

The first song in a new playlist. 


Songs in your collection. 


Songs you have played recently. 


Songs on your watch or phone. 




Song titles. 


Artist information. 


Artist videos. 




Music player settings. 


Playlist length. 


Number of tracks. 


Song information.

The Music Player also has the ability to pause the song playing at any point. 

To pause the current song, tap and hold on the pause button. 

Pause at any moment will play the current track. 

Other options include the ability for the Music player to change and delete the current songs in your playlists.

Once you’ve finished playing the current file, you will get an option to remove the current playlist.

You can also re-download the file by tapping on the download button at the bottom of the page. 

These files are available on Google Play and iTunes. 

I like that the Music players app lets you download the music directly from Google. 

That means you don-t need to sign up to a music service like Spotify or Apple Music to download from the app.

I would have been more comfortable if Google gave me a way to download the songs from Google and download them to my watch from an iPhone. 

Google Music has been updated to support Android Wear, but the apps still offer access to Apple Music and Spotify on the watch.

You still can’t download the files directly from the watch to your phone.

I was disappointed to see the music files only available on Android Wear when I first downloaded the Music Players app, but it seems Google is working on updating it to work with the Watch 2.

I would have liked to see Google’s Music Player download from iTunes.

If you’ve got any suggestions for new Music Player apps, please share them in the comments section.