YouTube is one of the most popular online video platforms in the world, with more than 500 million monthly unique visitors and millions of hours of video streaming.

But the company doesn’t always have the most diverse user base.

Here are six things you can do to watch more videos for free.


Get YouTube Premium.

YouTube’s premium tier, which includes a monthly subscription fee, is a paid service that can give you access to more content, but it’s not free.

You’ll need a premium account to view most of YouTube’s videos, but you can also access YouTube on a pay-as-you-go basis.

To watch a video for free, simply log into your YouTube account and click the “Subscribe” button.


Use a paid subscription plan.

There are two major ways to watch YouTube for paid content.

One is to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube pays you $9.99 a month to watch the company’s top videos.

If you sign up for a YouTube premium subscription, you’ll receive access to the site’s top 30 videos for $14.99 per month.

The next-best option is to subscribe to YouTube’s ad-free YouTube Kids program, which lets you watch videos for a flat monthly fee of $9 a month.


Create a paid account.

Once you sign into your account, you can sign up to watch videos, create an account, and use your existing YouTube account to add additional videos.

You can even pay for additional videos and access to their content through the YouTube Cloud.


Access to premium content.

You don’t need to sign up with YouTube to watch video content.

However, YouTube offers some of its top videos to people who sign up as a paid subscriber.

You may also have a YouTube Plus membership to view more premium content, which allows you to pay for premium content and add it to your subscription.


Download content to watch for free source Bloomberg article YouTube offers a variety of ways to access YouTube for your own personal use.

Here’s how to download video content for free from the service.

First, click the YouTube logo at the top of your homepage.

Select YouTube and then click “Download.”

You’ll see a download button next to videos that you can view for free on YouTube.

This will take you to the download page where you can click the blue download button to start downloading the content.

Once the video is downloaded, it will be hosted on YouTube’s servers, where it can be watched for free by anyone who has a YouTube account.

You must be logged in to view the video.

To download a video from YouTube, simply click the video’s title, and it will open in a new tab on your YouTube dashboard.

The video will load in a separate tab on YouTube that will allow you to share the video and track its download progress.

Once a video has been downloaded, you should watch it to learn more about how to watch it for free online.

YouTube offers several paid programs that can be used to watch certain videos for you.

For example, you may want to watch a popular video for a particular keyword or interest, which could give you a more personalized experience.

Additionally, you might want to view a video with a specific user group that might be interested in certain content.

To access these paid services, visit the YouTube website or tap the YouTube icon at the bottom of your YouTube homepage.

You will be presented with a selection of channels and a search box.

From there, you will be able to select which channels you would like to see in your search results.

To learn more, visit our YouTube paid service overview page.


Use YouTube Premium to watch premium content for yourself source Bloomberg