Posted February 06, 2019 18:15:31When Mandy McBride and her family went looking for their mother after her disappearance, they were unable to find her.

“It was pretty much like I had a ‘no clue,'” McBride told ABC News.

The family had gone looking for McBride after her mother was reported missing to the Bureau of Land Management.

“I had a hard time finding her,” McBride said.

She had gone to the refuge for help finding her daughter, but that effort turned to “a full-on search” when she was not able to locate her.

The McBride family had not yet seen McBride again, and it was the same for her two younger brothers, who had not seen their mother since her disappearance.

“The whole family had been searching for her, and she wasn’t there, and we were so devastated that she was missing,” McBrides mother, Kathy McBride, said.

“There was nothing to say to anybody.

We were just devastated,” Kathy McBride said.

The last time she saw her mother, McBride was at a campground for the Ute Indian tribe.

The family says the next time she was seen was on a camp site.

“My husband, his wife and I went out there with some other people and I said, ‘We’ve got to go look for her,'” Kathy McBridge said.

McBride’s brother, Todd, said his mother’s disappearance would have been tough on him.

“I would not have believed her if I didn’t have that hope that something was going to happen,” Todd McBride wrote on Facebook.

“If she was alive, she was the kind of person who would go out to camp and be the kindest person, and if she wasn.

I think that’s the kind she was.

She would always say, ‘It’s going to be OK,'” McBrings brother said.

Todd McBride posted a message on Facebook, telling the world about his sister.

“She would be in the back of the car, she would be walking up the hill and I would see her with my brother in the car.

And we would be looking for her and I was so proud of him,” Todd said.

Mandy Moore, the missing woman who disappeared from her ranch in California, is seen in this undated photo.MBC’s “Mandy McBones” takes viewers on a search to find the missing girl.

Manchin said the McBrides would like to see the McBriders have more contact with the Utes and other tribes.

“We want to see them come out here and talk to them and help them find their missing daughter, and hopefully they will come home safely,” he said.ABC News’ Jennifer P. Collins contributed to this report.

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