KONKAI: What is Konkai?

The Konkae are an anime/manga series created by Konosuba and written by Hideo Kitamura and illustrated by Yuki Matsumoto.

It focuses on a boy named Tokuya, who’s an ordinary high school student living in a village called Konkai in the Japanese countryside.

After graduating, Tokuye is sent to the city of Kanazawa, where he meets the adorable, but arrogant, girl named Konoka.

Toku is introduced to a mysterious, mysterious girl named Tokki, and their adventures together continue until they meet a mysterious stranger named Mokki.

Tokki and Tokki’s relationship with each other, however, will change forever when Mokkki decides to change the destiny of Toku, changing him into the hero Konki.

Mokkyi (or Konkami, as it’s known in Japanese) is an entity that appears to have power over both Konk and Toku.

They’re both human, so they both have feelings for one another, and they have an attachment to Konk.

Mocchi is Toku’s mother and Mokku’s father.

Mokki is the leader of Konkki, but Mokokki’s presence in the village changes the life of Konki as well.

Moka is the mysterious and mysterious girl who gives Toku a special power to save Konki from Tokki.