Cash music downloads on the Internet are a popular way to purchase albums.

Some musicians and record labels are paying artists to share their music for free.

Others have their own exclusive payment plans that allow fans to download their music and keep it forever.

But there are a handful of artists and record companies that are using the practice to profit, with some artists getting rich from the music and others losing out on a small percentage of their revenue.

The WSJ’s Jeff Mason reviews some of the best free music on the Web, along with the biggest pay-what-you-want artists and the biggest-ticket performers.


Cash Music Downloader (Cash) A music site that has more than 10 million music fans.

It’s got a paywall, but it doesn’t have to.

It just makes music available to anyone.

If you sign up and pay $5, it’ll let you listen to any song on their site for free — no credit card required.

Cash has a list of songs that it thinks are worth listening to, but there are also a few that aren’t.

There are also plenty of paid songs that have been pulled from other sites.


CashMusic (CashMusic) The most popular paid music downloader.

It lets you listen a certain song for free, but the price of that song goes up if you pay more.

If it’s a free download, you’ll get one free track for every $1 you pay.

You can buy additional tracks for $5 per track.


iTunes (iTunes) The music streaming service that started it all, which is now a subsidiary of Apple.

It has a music and music video section, but they don’t seem to be much of a music service, unless you buy their albums.

They do, however, have a huge music library.

You also can buy music through iTunes.


iTunes Live (iSpot) Live streaming service for iPhone and iPad that lets you stream a certain album, song, or artist’s album for free in the iTunes App Store.

It also lets you purchase albums and other music for a fraction of the cost.

iTunes Live also allows you to listen to certain tracks for free if you subscribe to the Spotify Premium subscription.


Spotify (Spotify) The online music streaming platform that lets people stream a song, album, or other piece of music for the price you want.

Spotify also has a dedicated music section, where users can buy and listen to other music from the artists, artists and labels that make up the group.


Spotify Music (Spotamp) Spotify has a separate music section that lets users stream songs, albums, and artists.

Spotify music has a premium tier that lets it offer a wider range of artists, albums and tracks.

Spotify will not let you pay a premium for the premium section, though, so you’ll have to buy a separate subscription to get the premium feature.


Spotify Premium (Spotplay) The premium service that allows Spotify users to buy music from a larger collection of artists.

It gives them access to more of their catalog.


Pandora (Pandora) Pandora is the streaming service of record labels like Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Music Group.

It offers the same music streaming and subscription services as Spotify, but Pandora has a much smaller library of artists than Spotify.

Pandora offers a more limited number of songs than Spotify does.


Pandora Music (Pandorext) Pandora Music lets you buy and play music for $7 a month, and it offers the best deal on albums and songs on the web.


iHeartRadio (iHeartRadio) The radio station of the Disney-owned music streaming network.

It provides free radio stations and offers a wide variety of artists’ music, but you can only stream the music you buy.

You get access to all of Pandora’s music library, and you can also buy additional songs.


Spotify Plus (Spotmusic) Spotify Plus is the subscription service that lets music fans buy a $20 per month package of music, movies, and other content for free or low rates.

It only has a smaller library than Spotify, and the price is lower.


Pandora Free (Pandorag Free) Pandora Free is the free music streaming subscription that offers a curated list of popular music artists.


Pandora Radio (Pandoraspace) Pandora Radio lets users listen to stations and songs by artists like Katy Perry and Adele, while also offering curated radio stations.

Pandora also offers curated radio for free as well.


Spotify for Android (Spot) Spotify for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices is an app that lets fans of some of Apple’s most popular music apps stream music for as little as $1 per month.


Pandora Premium (Pandored) Pandora Premium is a paid service that has a bigger music library and offers access to the entire