The official website for the Netflix original series “Game of Thrones” announced today that “House of Cards” is coming to Netflix in 2018, with the new season “Game Changers” following in 2019.

The announcement comes at a time when Netflix has already been working on a slew of TV series for the streaming service.

“Game” is the first of those series.

Netflix announced that the first season of “House Of Cards” will premiere on May 13, 2018, and that season two will premiere in 2019 and “House” will return for a third season in 2020.

“House,” which stars Kevin Spacey as House Speaker Frank Underwood, was created by Beau Willimon and will be directed by Michael Winterbottom.

The first episode of the new series will be titled “House Chatter,” and will air on May 15.

The show will be available to stream on the Netflix website on May 23.

The streaming service also announced that “The Expanse,” the new Amazon Prime series, will premiere at the end of June, 2019.

“The Martian,” the first series to premiere on Amazon Prime, will air in 2019 on Netflix, with new episodes coming every two weeks.

“Daredevil” season two, which was originally scheduled to premiere in 2018 and air on Netflix in 2019, is currently scheduled for 2019.

Netflix has been working with Amazon on original series for some time, and it recently signed a deal to produce and distribute “Dollhouse,” a new show based on the Marvel Comics character Jessica Jones.