By Sam MonsonAssociated PressA new album from Casablancas newest singer/songwriter, Sam Monsons newest album, “The Long Way Home,” has been released and is now available for download.

The track is set to be released on December 31st, 2016. 

Casablanca’s new album “The Loves of Sam Monsonic” will be available for pre-order in the coming days.

The band will release a new album each year for a minimum of ten years, and will be the only group to release five albums for each of those ten years. 

“The Longway Home” was recorded with a full band of musicians, including a full orchestra, backing vocals, saxophone, bass, and percussion.

Monson’s new material was written, recorded, and produced by Monson, who is the band’s lead singer and guitar player. 

The track is an emotional journey that explores the emotions of love and loss and the trials and tribulations of finding the love you’ve always wanted.

The lyrics on the track are about a boy who has lost a close friend in the war and is struggling with the pain and sorrow that comes with it.

Monsons is one of the most talented and gifted songwriters out there, and he continues to expand his repertoire. 

Monson recently released a new single titled “The Way We Go.” 

The song, which is currently available for free download, has a catchy and heartfelt chorus that explores what it means to love someone.

The song is set for release on November 18th, 2016 and features the song “Lift” by The Killers, “Take It Easy” by Future Islands, and “Wake Up” by Sam Felt. 

There is a special bonus track called “Pilot” featuring the band members who were on “The Road.”

This track was written by Monsons and produced in partnership with producer and producer of “The Buggles” Josh Kaufman, and is set a couple weeks before the release of the album. 

This is a pretty incredible track, and it’s just a perfect example of what the band is all about. 

If you are a fan of Casablanchas music, you’ll love “The Light in the Dark.” 

There are also a few other tracks in the album that have already been released. 

I have a feeling that the release date for the album is not far off, but if you’re not already a fan, I’d recommend picking up a copy of the song before it goes on sale. 

Here’s the album track list: Casalba: The LongWayHome (Casablanca) The Likes of Sam (The Lites) Take It Slow (Rudimental) WakeUp (Sam Felt) Lift (Future Islands) Pilot (Solo) Get Out (Buggles) A Night at the Opera (Kenny Rogers) Buffy (Kid Rock) Tight (John Legend) My Love (David Bowie) Moss (A Tribe Called Quest) Ride (J.

Cole) You Can’t Keep Me Down (Funkadelic) Hush (Cecil Stills & Nash) Crazy Love #10 (Hoover & The Johnsons) Stay #9 (Johnny Cash) Goodbye #8 (Billy Joel) Garden (Pete Seeger) Suit and Tie #7 (Eddie Vedder) Go #6 (Grateful Dead) This is #5 (Troye Sivan) We #4 (Dolly Parton) Come #3 (Paula Abdul) Shout (Chic)