Downloading music online is now a simple task, thanks to a new music streaming app.

In a video posted Tuesday on YouTube, “Boom,” the free streaming music service, launched an app that lets users download a song from the service and play it right away.

It’s similar to Spotify’s new Spotify Connect app, which lets users stream music from Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Spotify.

The service also has a new “music app” that lets music users search by song title and artist name.

The new music app, “Music Unlimited,” launched in Canada earlier this year and is available in English and French.

“Bombo,” which is available for $9.99 a month, will be available in other countries soon.

In addition to the new app, the service is also adding new streaming music and music-related podcasts.

The company says that people who have already purchased music from Boom will not have to do anything other than download the app and start listening.

The music app also has support for music recommendations and will automatically download the songs you want to listen to.

“We think it’s the most intuitive and easy to use streaming music app we’ve ever built,” said Tim Karr, a product manager for Boom.

“There’s nothing that you have to configure.”

The app has a search bar and is currently free for everyone.

“People are really excited about the new music,” said Matt Brown, chief technology officer at Pandora.

“It’s very much a Pandora-type of experience.”

Spotify has long been working on its own streaming music experience.

Last year, it introduced its own Music Unlimited, which let users search for music by artist name, song title, artist name and album name.

Spotify Connect, a subscription-based service that let people stream music and podcasts from Spotify and Apple Music and listen to them free of charge, has been gaining traction in the U.S. as well.

It allows users to listen on multiple devices, and allows them to access music from streaming services on their phones, iPads and computers.

“The music app is like Spotify’s Connect,” said David DeBoeuf, the chief operating officer at Apple Music.

“You’re listening to music on your phone, but it’s also on your computer.”

Spotify’s latest version, which launched in October, also lets users search songs from Spotify’s library, which includes tracks from artists such as Beyoncé and Coldplay, as well as tracks from radio stations such as Sirius XM, Pandora and Sirius XN.