Scientists have released a video of elephants singing to one another in an effort to boost the popularity of elephant music.

The video, called The Elephant Song, was filmed in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park and shows an elephant singing to a group of young men, in the context of the song “The Elephant Song”.

It was released on Monday by the University of Queensland, who hope it will be used to promote the music.

“Elephants are very socially social animals, and their songs can be very effective,” lead author Dr Joanna Johnson said.

“One of the most exciting things about the research is that we can use their songs as a tool to increase the popularity and awareness of the elephants in our local communities.”

“We have the opportunity to increase their awareness, to promote them, and perhaps even help them in some way to live their lives.”

Dr Johnson said the elephants’ songs were not specifically for singing, but had been “rearranged and recast to give them a different meaning”.

“It’s an example of how they communicate in terms of their behaviour, in terms to their language, in a way that’s different from the traditional song,” she said.

The Elephans are often filmed singing to the crowd, but the song is often a challenge for the elephants to understand, especially in the Masai region.

“It might sound like a normal song, but we wanted to see how they sing it, how they respond to it, and it turns out they can sing very well,” Dr Johnson said.””

When we were filming, we had to sing it over and over again, and we found it was very challenging.””

The music also provides a lot of context for the video.

“The Elegy to the Elephante is based on the traditional music of Masai elephants, which was recorded by an American anthropologist in the 1950s.”

I really think that’s really the basis for the song,” Dr Joanne Johnson said of the idea of creating a new song for the Masais.”

We really wanted to know what the elephant was thinking, and how he felt, and that’s what we’ve done.

“You see that they’re singing in the song, so what does the song mean?”

She said the theme of the video could be understood in terms the elephants were talking about.

“The elephant is saying, ‘I’m happy to sing to you, because you are all happy with me, and I am happy to be here.'”

The Elephilangys song, ‘The Elephant’s Song’, is now available for free download from iTunes.

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