The NCSOFT Podcast: Episode 19 is here!

We’re releasing an entire episode dedicated to our very own episode of The NBS Podcast.

This episode is full of content for the fans.

As we discussed in the previous episode, the show has a great deal of original content and we’re going to be doing that in this episode.

The podcast will also feature some of the best episodes from the previous episodes of the show, along with some additional content from the NBS team.

The NBS Show: Episode 20 – The Last Battle of the Line of Battle is a game that is played in the middle of a trench.

This time, the enemy is the German infantry unit, and the main objective is to kill the American infantry unit in the trench.

We’re playing in the M2 and M2A1 styles, and this time, we’re playing the American Army unit in this game.

The M2 is a smaller vehicle and can be used for the infantry units, while the M1 is a medium tank.

The game starts with a quick tutorial about the rules of the game, and then we learn about how the game is played.

This gives us a good base to learn about the game mechanics, and gives us the chance to see how the Germans are playing.

We start off with a basic infantry unit.

After that, we’ll see the Germans use some of their vehicles in this tutorial.

After some more infantry units are deployed, we will see how a team of infantry units will defend the trench for the duration of the battle.

The Germans use their own tactics to defend their trench, but they do so in the same way they do in real life.

They utilize their small vehicles to defend the trenches, but the vehicles are used for their primary purpose, namely to advance.

The vehicles can take cover, and when the Germans get close enough to get close, they use their infantry units to try to flank and try to capture the American trenches.

After they get close to the trenches and are captured, the American units retreat and get slaughtered.

The M2 vehicles were the first tanks the Germans used, and they were one of the most popular units in World War II.

These tanks were used to advance, and once the German Army got close enough, they would use their small infantry units and their vehicles to try and capture the trench, and try and stop the American advance.

In the episode, we learn that the American tanks have very little protection from the German tanks, and so the Americans use a tactic called “dodge and ambush”.

They’ll use the small vehicles of the infantry to get a jump on the German advance.

In this tactic, they will attack the German vehicles with their small vehicle, then they’ll wait until the German vehicle is destroyed before using their medium vehicle to advance again.

The American tanks will also use their light tanks to advance to the next trench, using their infantry to capture it.

The American infantry units also utilize their smaller vehicles, but these smaller vehicles are not used for combat, they are used to cover the American ground.

The infantry units use their medium vehicles to advance towards the German trenches, then use their vehicles for cover and ambushes to try kill the German soldiers.

We also get to see some of how the German army uses their tanks and infantry.

The Germans use these vehicles to kill any soldiers they can, and if they’re not killing enough soldiers, they’ll drop their tanks on the American soldiers, and kill them.

The German infantry units have very good armor, but their armor is very poor.

The tanks have extremely good armor for their size, but not as good as the infantry.

We see how this works, as the German armor is much worse than the American armor.

The tank is the main reason why the American forces is losing.

The tank is a great tool for infantry, but when the tank gets shot up, the tank is still going to win, and it’s only because the American troops are taking the initiative to get the tank back up.

When the tanks are damaged, they can’t move any faster and will be killed.

The US tanks and the German troops are doing everything they can to destroy the tanks.

They have a large number of German tanks and armored personnel carriers that the Americans are using to kill these German vehicles.

They also have the American heavy infantry, who is used to using the heavy infantry vehicles, and will try to destroy these German tanks.

The German infantry also have some of these German soldiers in their ranks.

We will see more of the German tactics in this upcoming episode.

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