Jai Sreenivasan, a veteran actor from Kerala, was one of the few who took the plunge into Bollywood after the Indian movie industry had taken a major hit following the 1998 earthquake.

The actor had already worked in films like Rambo and I’m the Hero, when he found his name on the poster of a film called The Legend of Jai.

“My name is on the posters of films that were made in India and that were shot here.

I’m not a star, I’m a guy,” he said.

The actor, who was born in Ernakulam in Ernakhus rural areas, came to prominence in the early 90s, having played an ordinary shopkeeper in The Legend Of Jai in the 1990s.

Jai has been a big hit in Bollywood, where the popularity of the actor is reflected in his starring roles in movies like Jai Dutt and Kachch.

His career started to take off after the 2010 earthquake in the country.

Jaitley said the actor was “devastated” when the earthquake struck.

Jain said that his mother, who is a medical doctor, was very concerned and went to the hospital to get Jai’s medical attention.

“She had to take Jai to a private hospital for 24 hours, and when he woke up, he was in a coma,” Jain recalled.

He said Jai underwent a lot of surgeries, including a heart surgery.

“It was like he was going to die,” he added.

The filmmaker also added that Jai was very “totally devastated” by the earthquake.

He added that the actor’s mother and brother were taken away in a truck, and Jai had to undergo a heart transplant operation.

“When the surgery was done, his body was like a rag doll,” Jai said.

“There was a huge trauma to his body, and it was very difficult for him.”

He said his mother had to go to the nearby town of Udhampur, where she could take care of him.

“When we got to Udhampa, we were surrounded by the media, the government, the police and the fire brigade,” Jaitlyn said.

He recalled that his sister went to visit Jai at Udhambhar Hospital, and that he went to see her.

“We got to know that he had an operation.

We were crying when she saw him,” Jaina added.

“My father came to the town, and he gave her a letter that said, ‘Jai, you are my life.

If you are happy, you can stay here and I will take care for you.’

He was like, ‘Please, don’t go.'”

The filmmaker said that he was happy to have made the film.

“I’ve never made anything like this before,” Janko Jain, Jai, said.

Jai’s life was not without challenges.

The family had to sell their house, but Jai remained loyal to his parents.

“Even if my mother sold the house, I would stay by her side.

I always took care of her, I never had any quarrels,” he explained.

“One day, the cops came and said that there was a burglary in the house.

I thought it was just some robbery, but when I looked around, I realised that it was not that.

It was murder.

When the cops took my mother to the police station, they put me in the police van, and they drove us to the crime scene.”

When asked if he has any regrets, Jain was clear.

“No, because I have always worked hard and achieved my dreams,” he remarked.

Jaina said that she hopes that Jaitlin, his mother’s sister, can continue to help the actor.

“They will always be my brothers and sisters, Jaitran and I,” Jains mother said.