The album cover is one of the defining elements of the new music from Sonic Boom.

It has become an iconic element of the franchise, and it is still used in countless merchandise, merchandise and even in the films.

It’s one of those elements that you look at and say, “Wow, that’s pretty cool.”

I don’t know how you’re going to do that.

So I’m trying to think of something.

What is the next best thing?

I just can’t imagine that happening.

I think it’s really cool.

So, it’s a challenge to do something new.

When we came to the studio to do the new cover, we were already talking about what the new design should look like, so we wanted to make sure it felt like a Sonic Boom record.

That’s why we’re going for a black-and-white look.

The old Sonic Boom cover was actually the original Sonic Boom’s black-on-black cover, which is really iconic.

So we wanted it to feel like that.

It really has to feel new, too.

So that’s the challenge we had.

You know, we did a lot of research.

We did a ton of research to find a way to create a black and white cover.

The black and black look just feels right.

I’m sure we’ll see a new Sonic boom record come out that has that design, but it’s definitely going to be the way that we’ll be able to do it.

And we’re really excited to bring it to the world.

You’ve seen the cover before, right?

Yeah, the cover of the first Sonic Boom was a very traditional look.

And that’s a look that we were trying to recreate in this album.

So it’s very much like the original, so there’s no real difference.

I’ve been a big fan of the original.

So the old Sonic boom cover was a bit of a classic.

I really wanted to bring the black- and-white aesthetic back to it, and the idea that this is the same sonic sound as the original is the ultimate goal.

It feels really fresh.

It gives us an opportunity to create something new with the album, and that’s really what we’re trying to do with this album cover.

I just don’t see any way that it can’t be done.