More than a million people downloaded mp3 songs and other music online over the weekend, and they were downloaded by almost 8.5 million people, according to a new report by music analytics company MusicPulse.

That number comes from the research firm, which tracked download and download-related activities on the platform, Spotify, in the days before the event.

The total number of downloads on Spotify is now up to 8.56 million, up from 8.3 million the previous weekend.

The average user who downloaded a music download on Saturday was 16.1 years old, according MusicPrix.

It’s been about the same since February 2017.

That’s up from 16.6 in January.

More: Spotify has said the data on downloads is “mostly accurate” but that it’s still a “work in progress”.

It’s a “very good day for music” and there are more people listening to music, said David Rennie, VP of global sales at Spotify.

More to come.