Music managers are now taking a more aggressive stance against their peers who are in the same boat, claiming they’re being bullied by online bullies.

They say that their job is to find ways to help artists avoid getting pushed off the tracks and that they’re not being bullied at all, but they also say they are the ones getting bullied. 

“We’re a business, and the fact is that artists are doing the job for which they were trained and that is to support and nurture their artists and artists are going to be in a lot of pain,” says Vinny De La Rosa, founder of Music Management Agency, a new industry of managers. 

De La Rosa says that he’s noticed that artists have been getting targeted on social media more often, especially when it comes to their music industry.

“I think that a lot more artists are trying to go beyond their industry to help people, because they know that they are being targeted,” he says. 

Music Management Agency’s CEO, Catherine Baskerville, has a very different take.

“People want to be able to express themselves freely,” she says.

“If you’re going to create a product or have an artist work with you, it’s really important to have an agent and someone who’s going to support you.”

But there are also certain people in the music industry that just can’t handle that.” 

Baskerville is also a music industry consultant and has worked with many artists on the music side of things, like Drake, Rihanna, Rihana, Drake, and Jay Z. She’s also a longtime friend of a group of musicians who are fighting for more visibility. 

He says that Jay Z was able to get a producer to help him out, but he’s now using his own talents and his network of friends to get his message out. “

[Jay] told me, ‘You know what, I need to find someone who will support me,'” says De La La Rosa. 

He says that Jay Z was able to get a producer to help him out, but he’s now using his own talents and his network of friends to get his message out. 

In February, De LaRosa was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Kimmel asked him if he knew any other artists who had been harassed by bullies.

De La la Rosa said he did, and then De La and Baskerys’ business partner, Michael Giannaccone, helped Kimmel create a campaign called #LetJimsVoice. 

That effort has brought De La Rosas attention and has been an important part of his strategy to raise awareness of his cause. 

Banares also has been doing this kind of work for years, but De La Rozas is now using the internet and social media to bring his message to the masses. 

One of the things that’s most exciting about De La’s work is that he has a group that is not only trying to raise money for artists, but also to help others who are struggling with the same issues. 

A group of artists, artists, that De La says are “people that are out there, in their real lives,” are the “people who are not in the spotlight.” 

De la Rosas says that when he first started, his clients were only interested in getting their music out.

“We were not going to help someone make $100,000 and be in the news,” he explains.

“And we didn’t have any clients, and I think that the people who were looking for help, they were trying to help somebody who wasn’t them.” 

It’s been an incredible experience for De La to get to know people, to learn from them, and to help them be the artists they’ve always wanted to be. 

For De La, it feels like this isn’t just a job that’s been created by one guy or a couple of people, it has been a collective effort by all of the artists and the business partners. 

And that’s what’s exciting about the business, he says, “that it’s not just a one-man show.

There are so many people out there that are just doing the right thing.” 

So what can you do to help the artists in your life? 

As much as you’d love to get paid to write a book or make an album, there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself from being pushed off tracks. 


Make sure you know your rights and you know who to talk to. 

There are websites like BTS or RIAA that you can use to keep track of who you’re dealing with. 


Talk to your manager. 

It can be very helpful to have a team of people that will help you with any questions. 


Know what your rights are. 

Your rights are pretty