The jewish community is being accused of “poisoning” the iPhone ecosystem by using an illegal download service, according to a report by tech news site The Verge.

The report claimed that Apple has been aware of the issue for months and has yet to implement a solution.

In an interview with The Verge, the jewish-American software engineer and music producer Steve Pabst said:”I’ve been trying to fix this for a couple of years.

I don’t know if they’ve done anything or not.””

I know that Apple is aware of it and it’s not a huge deal to them.”

The issue is most common in Europe, where the jews use the iTunes store to download music.

Pabst, who lives in the UK, has also written a book about his experiences as an Indian-American tech entrepreneur.

The jewish immigrant has previously described the situation as “the greatest crime in the history of mankind”.

The report by the tech site cites research that found that “many” jews “download music illegally on their iPhones”.

The problem comes to light after the US Justice Department began investigating a spate of “illegal downloads” by the jew community and Apple.

Apple has already begun blocking the illegal download services of some other communities, including the Irish Travellers’ Movement, but it appears that the jew-community download services are a particularly lucrative target.

The Verge claimed that “an increasing number of non-white users” were using the jewsonly iTunes Store to download albums, music and movies.

Apple’s response to the issue has been “cautious” and “has not been made public”, according to the report.

However, the company has said that the issue is not a “major problem” and that “all illegal downloads should be blocked”.

The jews’ use of the illegal music service is only part of the problem.

Apple is also not alone in its decision to not implement a software solution for the issue.

The company has been accused of creating an “app for the dark side” by not implementing a solution to protect the rights of women.