By Rolling Stone StaffThe Cure is back.

The rock band has announced a new album entitled “Wake You Up,” which will be released on April 3, 2018.

The band, whose new album, “Waking You Up”, will be the first in a new trilogy of singles, announced the new album during a concert at the University of Pennsylvania’s Benjamin Franklin Student Center in Philadelphia.

Cure frontman Stephen Malkmus said he’s excited to bring his music back to fans and to have it come out on the anniversary of “The Cure” having played its first concerts in 1979.

The album, which is produced by Mark Ronson and his wife, Mandy Moore, features songs from “Walking On Sunshine” (which has since been certified Gold by the RIAA), “The Shape of You,” “Loving You” and “Let It Go.”

It was the first album to feature both Ronson’s and Moore’s talents.

In a statement, Malkmus thanked fans for their love and support of the band, and thanked his fellow musicians and the fans for all the love they’ve given him over the years.

The Cure, who last played together in 2001, are still working on new material.